Telekom – 5G department


Multi-screen installation about 5G-technology for Deutsche Telekom. The project was created as part of the “Black Mountain Workshop” for Meiré und Meiré.

We created a multi-screen installation to explain the advantages of 5G technology. 59 Samsung S8+ form a continuous touch screen with an interactive particle system and multiple information hot spots. The standalone installation has since been used by the 5G team at the Bonn headquarters and at various other fairs.

The Black Mountain Workshop is a collective of interaction designers, art directors, animators, producers and developers working together on Experience Design in any shape it may take.

Carsten Goertz

Daan van Hasselt

Sylvain Vriens

Lotte Meijer

Robert Hoffmann

Ben Wegscheider

Dylan Galletly

Barnaby Monk