I’m Robert, a freelance product designer. I enjoy working in a variety of different design disciplines – sometimes fusing them. However, the main body of my work is in light and furniture, with metal as my main material. 

Metal is what I love, and where I come from.

While studying architecture and design, I also completed an apprenticeship in metal construction and later subsequently improved my technical understanding and overall skills in metal design through additional training. This way I step-by-step mastered the material and how I can best use it as a designer.

So, I am both, a creative designer, and a well-trained craftsman.

And that’s also what fascinates me in the process of designing and creating a new object: combining a well-thought-out concept with high-quality craftsmanship. You can see the result in my product portfolio, both with individual pieces and the series I created.

In addition to designing and producing my own products I work as a freelance designer and consultant, leveraging my creativity and skills to support others in designing great products and experiences:

  • companies that produce furniture and individual pieces for artists
  • design agencies that create installations for product presentations, fairs, and exhibitions
  • innovation agencies, that I consult in product development

I am a very curious person and always looking for new collaborations to just exchange ideas or start the next great project. So, feel free to contact me at any time.


 „To me, Robert is a unique talent that combines the poetic genius and creativity of a designer with the attention to detail of a true artisan and craftsman. When visiting, you equally find him at the drawing board or in the workshop. The result is exceptional products of the highest quality – both, esthetically and in their engineering.”

                                                                                      Customer Quote

work and collaboration with:

Artis engineering

Brunner Group




innovation natives


maaskant architecture


Partake AG

q-bus Mediatektur

random studio Amsterdam

Swissmobilia furniture

Telekom AG

Thein & Rios


2020 – CreateBerlin showroom

2018 – ZOOOM IV Munich

2017 – Standard International #4 Spatial Clearings, Space GLINT Glinkastr. 17, Berlin

2017- BRUNNEN190

2017 – Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau

2017 – SaloneSatellite. 20 Years of New Creativity, Milan

2016 – Biennale Interieur Kortrijk 2016: The Wall, Nieuwe German Gestaltung #004

2015 – GoldenTips, stilwerk, Berlin

2015 – SaloneSatellite, Milan

2015 – The Journey / Part Two – imm Cologne

2015 – designers tower / Passagen-Interior Design Week Cologne

2014 – Orgatec, Cologne

2014 – Module – Eva Maisch Gallery Würzburg

2014 – designers tower / Passagen-Interior Design Week Cologne

2012 – DMY – International Design Festival Berlin

2012 – SaloneSatellite, Milan

2012 – ‚Robert Hoffmann’ – Karena Schuessler Gallery Contemporary Design/Art, Berlin

2011 – TOTALSTAHL, Solingen, Chemnitz, Hanau, Hannover

2011 – Design Miami Basel – Karena Schuessler Gallery Contemporary Design/Art

2011 – Salone Satellite, Milan

2011 – Design Deutschland, Milan, New York, Hong Kong

2011 – TALENTE, Munich

2011 – [d3] CONTEST Cologne

2010 – ‚Mise en Scène’ – Karena Schuessler Gallery Berlin

2010 – DMY – International Designfestival Berlin

2009 – ‚LICHT’ – Karena Schuessler Gallery Berlin

2009 – DMY – International Designfestival Berlin

2009 – „Tatorte “ – Passagen Cologne


2010-2020 – Jury Member for the BA-MA examination at HAWK Hildesheim

2014 – Jury Member at the Grassimesse, GRASSI-Museum for applied Arts, Leipzig

2008 – final year project, design diploma

2004-2008 – design studies with a focus on metal design at HAWK Hildesheim

2002-2004 – training in metal construction / construction engineering

2000-2002 – basic study in architecture at the Technical University Berlin


2011 – „German Design Award 2012“ – Newcomer Nominee

2011 – „Salone Satellite Award“ – Second Price

2011 – „Design Deutschland 2011“ – Selected