Hermès – Festival des Métiers

Random Studio / Furniture Design


Hermès’ „Festival des Métiers“ celebrates fine craftsmanship and offers you the chance to meet the artisans of the house. We contributed three interactive exhibits to the ongoing roadshow, poetically revealing manufacturing details that until now only the craftsmen themselves could see.

At its core, the world of Hermès is a world of beautiful materials, mastered by unique artisans. The character of the festival is all about showing this in an unpretentious way, ‘with its feet on the ground and its head in the sky’, as they say.

We designed the digital additions to live naturally within the overall exhibition; veering away from technology-minded “highlight interventions“ often found in exhibition design, which can sometimes feel alienating.

This is a proposal for a smooth and natural integration of digital moments, which work to drive an overall story by utilising poetic formats and didactic impressions.


Client: Hermès – Festival des Métiers

Concept, Hardware/Software Development & Animation: Random Studio

Furniture Design: Robert Hoffmann

Documentation Video and Photography: Random Studio