Nike Free


Nike Free Experience / random Studio Amsterdam / product design

For the launch of the next generation Nike Free outsole, we developed an interactive installation to capture the Auxetic Sole Technology: a structure that spontaneously expands and contracts upon impact. Random Studio created a range of hands-on digital and physical tools to enable the Nike teams to interact in a tactile way with the technology.


Client: NikeLab

Concept, Hardware/Software Development & Animation: Random Studio, Daan van Hasselt, Sylvain Vriens & Victor Martins

Product Design & Install: Robert Hoffmann, & Random Studio

Fixture Construction: Thein & Rios Berlin

Retail Installation & Install: Ink Associates & Random Studio

Project Management: NikeLab, Ink Associates & Random Studio

Sound Design: Dylan Galletly

Documentation Video and Photography: Mark Prendergast & Philip Schuette for Random Studio

Documentation Music: Dylan Galletly