Chanel Baselworld

Random Studio / product design


Chanel Timebox – a vertical journey through time

French fashion house Chanel is known for a continuous strive for excellence and perfection. For the introduction of the Chanel Première Camélia Skeleton watch at the international watch show Baselworld 2017, random Studio translated the qualities of the precious watch into a memorable, intimate voyage.

Called Chanel Timebox, the Chanel booth was morphed into a modern-day time machine that invited visitors on a vertical journey through space and time. Only a single visitor at a time could embark by setting foot on the floor part of the unusual L-shaped screen that made up the dynamic booth, providing for an individual experience.

Guests travelled through the camelia-shaped heart of the watch where the highly detailed mechanics and intrinsic aesthetics can be observed that are normally invisible to the naked eye. A shareable video of the journey was offered to each participant afterwards.

For the installation I designed the 3D setup, fixtures for the screen and casing of cameras.


Concept, Text, Photos: Random Studio

Product Design: Robert Hoffmann