pendant light / 2011

The contrast between direct and indirect light and its relation to the space: This tension field makes the focus of Trapezium.

Construction and light-effects of the luminaire are just as simple as surprising. It consists of two identically folded trapezoidal sheet metals, reminding of a hexagon in the outline.

A soft, wide light cone evolves at the top and bottom side. In contrast to that, the light pushes through the lateral gaps between the metal sheet halves and shows as thin streaks on the surrounding walls.

The light underlines the geometric form of Trapezium. Due to various sizes, the lamp is very versatile and can be placed over table tops or next to seating furniture.

material: aluminium, steel powder coated / brass

dimension: 16 x 42 cm, 22 x 63 mm

illuminant: halogen or LED

Photos: Ben Fuchs